The 10 Commandments for summer hair care

  1. Let it dry naturally

Beach days, pool parties, and casual brunch dates are the theme of summer, and your naturally wavy, curly, or straight hair is way in. Carrying a natural texturizing spray in your purse is a great way to make sure your hair dries under control and not frizzy after a swim.

2. Always Protect

Before diving into a chlorinated pool or spending hours in direct sun, make sure your strands are guarded against the harsh exposure. A simple way to do this is to apply a leave-in conditioner with heat protectant or to rinse your hair with natural water before hopping into the pool. This rinse will help protect the chlorine from dying your hair an unwanted green hue.

3. Turn down the heat

Avoiding the blow dryer, curling iron and straightener is a hair care commandment that should be kept in every season. In summer, it can be easier to prevent the added heat. If you know your hair is going to be getting wet, don’t heat style it knowing it will be ruined in only a few hours. Instead, don a hat or a more natural look and save your locks from the unnecessary damage. If there is an important date you will need to use hair dryer for, turn your blow dryer on cool to reduce the harm done.

4. Cover up

Large hats are very in this summer and are the most stylish and smart way to protect your hair without compromising on looks. A good hat will protect your scalp, face, and neck. This protection from the sun will prevent damage and keep you cool.

5. Embrace the braid

A braid is a simple look that is always on trend. It is unhealthy for your hair to be pulled up into tight buns and ponytails because the tight bands can cut your strands and create flyaways. A braid is a healthy alternative to taming your hair when needed because it gently twists your strands and only requires a gently tie at the end.

6. Take a shampoo break

Being in and out of the shower, pool, river, lake, ocean, or any water constantly can be taxing on your hair. Shampoo strips your hair of essential oils needed to keep it moisturized. All that swimming already strips your hair, so limiting your shampoos to only a few days a week can help your hair keep some of its very needed natural oils.

7. Moisturizing masks

Once a week, it is a good idea to restore some of the moisture lost from an external source. A mask with essential oils such as Oregano and Lavender can stimulate hair growth, while masks with a high fat and oil content such as coconut oil and avocado oil can lock in much-needed moisture.

8. Trim often

It may seem counterintuitive to trim your hair when you’re wanting it to grow long, but keeping it trim can ensure that the split ends don’t multiply, thus promoting stronger, longer, healthier hair. If you’re brave enough to go one step further, try cutting your hair to your shoulders or shorter to rock a simple, easy look that can be easier to manage and style and can help keep the heat off your neck and shoulders.

9. Stay hydrated

Hydrated hair starts from within. Drinking water throughout your day is essential, and if you want to mix it up, try infusing it with fruit, or drink coconut water which is extremely hydrating and is high in potassium.

10. Be gentle

A key to remember in every aspect of hair care is to be gentle. Easy with heat, gentle with your touch and don’t force any tangles out, but instead, work through your stands gently to prevent breakage.

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