5 Fun ways to alleviate anxiety

Whether it comes from a stressful day at work, a complicated relationship, a long to-do list, or something as simple as a traffic jam, anxiety can come sneakily and threaten to ruin our day and cause us to feel low. When you are feeling anxious for any reason, there are some things you can do to help yourself feel much better. These 5 fun solutions will help your anxiety to be relieved and give you back your strength confidence and happiness for the day.

  1. Go for a walk and smell the flowers

When we feel anxious, it is a sign we may be too consumed with everything going on in our own lives and minds. Getting some fresh air relieves us from our tense environment and reminds us that there is a world out there that is bigger than ourselves. Stopping to smell the roses is more than just an age-old phrase. It encourages you to take a moment and appreciate the beauty around you, which can help to alleviate anxiety.Yet there are actually many aromatherapeutic benefits attached to smelling roses, lavender, or almost anything that blossoms. The sweet scents of flowers can help to calm your mental and physical state, release endorphins and bring a smile to your face.

2. Put on something flattering

It’s been said that you can’t have a new life in old clothes. If something is weighing heavy on you, causing you to feel depressed, stressed, or anxious, changing your outfit can help. It may seem like a silly notion, but getting out of that tight business suit, those lazy PJ’s, or casual old T and replacing it with a comfortable dress, a cute romper, or dawning your favorite hat or lipstick can change your mood surprisingly quickly. You will change the way you view yourself, feel a boost of confidence, and toss out the negative feelings attached to your old outift.

3. Put good in, get good out

If you are feeling anxious, there are many ways you can alleviate those uneasy feelings through healthy choices. It can be easy to reach for a coffee, cigarette, junk food, a strong drink or the most indulgent dessert in sight. These choices will most likely give us instant satisfaction and relief, but they will shortly after leave you with your problem unresolved, and your body struggling to process the burden you just placed on it. Instead, make yourself a healthy berry smoothie that is full of antioxidants, and place some Sex Dust in it, that is packed superherbs and Shatavari to help combat stress, provides a feeling of energy and wellbeing and even help to boost libido. A relaxing herbal tea such as peppermint is also a great choice for releasing yourself from anxiety and calming your mental and physical state.

4. Sweat it out

When you are feeling anxious, your whole body gets the message. Anxiety sits on our shoulders, and it can leave you feeling tense and tight. A great way to alleviate this stress our body is dealing with is through yoga. A hot yoga class is a great option because it causes you to sweat, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Yoga, and other cardio workouts like running, cycling or swimming cause you to breathe deep, activate your muscles and increase blood flow. Taking a spin, yoga, pilates or dance class can be fun, connect you with the positive energy of others and become an instant and healthy way to alleviate your anxiety. The worst thing you can do when you are anxious is to sit still, so pull out your yoga mat or running shoes and get moving.

5. Breathe

Anxiety causes us to tense up, and forget our most basic needs: air. Every cell in our brain and body needs oxygen, so depriving yourself of air in these anxious times is not a good idea. Instead, allow yourself to go outside, or lay flat on your back and take deep breaths. Yoga, exercise, and even smoking cigarettes derive most of their anxiety-relieving benefits from forcing you to inhale and exhale fully. Start by taking a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs. Count to three while holding your breath, then exhale slowly while relaxing the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach. Reserve 5-10 minutes of your day to breathe and you will notice your anxiety relieved, allowing you to take on your task with a calm state of being.

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