5 Ways to Trick Yourself into Working Out

Some mornings, we wake up with a bright-eyed smile, pop up like toast and say “it’s a beautiful day!” … others, not so much. When you have inspiration, motivation, and the energy of a racehorse at the starting gate, then any workout seems like a piece of cake for you. But let’s be realistic. Most days, we wake up in the morning and after 4 snooze-button slams later have to put toothpicks in our eyes just to stay awake. On those days where all you care about is getting through the next 12 hours before you hit the sack again, try these simple hacks to keep you moving, burning calories and working out. We all know how important it is to stick with our health goals even on those days we don’t feel like it, sometimes tricking yourself is the best thing you can do.

  1. Book a workout with a friend or trainer in advance

You know the person, the one who won’t take no for an answer. The person who will literally pour water on your head to get yo out of bed. Choose that friend or trainer and make a commitment to them ahead of time to do weekly workouts. If you have another person keeping you accountable, you are far less likely to back out. Plus, if you put down a little cash it will motivate you even more.

2. Lose your car keys

This one may sound a little extreme, but if you can bike instead of drive everywhere you go, then you can get a killer workout in and maybe even fall in love with a new hobby. Whether you sign up for “bike to work day”, plan a daily ride with a buddy using accountability or literally give your car keys to a trusted friend for a week, this can be a humbling experience to remind you just how capable you are to get by without a car for many of life’s demanding errands.

3. Get lost in the playlist

This can be different for everyone, it’s whatever gets you motivated. For some, it may be upbeat pop, others house, and even others may be country music or an intriguing podcast. Many people complain about their workout because they get bored during it, lose motivation and energy part way through, or because they get distracted by all the other things on their to-do list. Drown all of that out with a playlist that keeps your mind stimulated. So much of working out is mental, so hack your brain into staying motivated and your body is sure to follow.

4. Habits, habits, habits

To establish good habits takes discipline and consistency, but once you’re there, a habit is the greatest hack of all. You can literally trick your mind into waking up early every single day if you do so at the same time for a certain period of time, and its the same for workouts. One of the reasons many of us don’t stress about showering and brushing our teeth in the morning is that we know what to expect. We have a routine, a set of habits and we just do it so much that it’s not stressful or tiring. With working out, so much of the struggle can be knowing what to do or garnering up the mental energy to just get started. If you create a consistent set of habits for yourself, then you are sure to trick your brain into working out more consistently and ultimately, it will be more enjoyable as well.

5. Walk more

Park far away at the grocery store, take the stairs at your apartment complex, treat yourself to a shopping spree in the biggest mall in town. Whatever your method, choose something that is not big enough to make you upset. These small daily changes can burn hundreds of extra calories and help you keep your body moving without ever stepping foot into a gym.


Whatever you do, remember you’re not doing it for anybody else but yourself. So stay encouraged, and just keep moving!

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