Adventuring with Franck Berthuot

When I decided to go to Maui, I knew I wanted to link up with a great photographer to document some of my adventures. So I started asking around and looking on Instagram for Maui based photographers. I finally came across Franck Berthuot’s Instagram Page: frankiebees.

His photography stood apart from the rest. It was so mature and deep. The pictures weren’t just a picture. There was a story behind them. I liked that he photographed beautiful women in a way that was romantic. It drew you into the person not just their body. So naturally I reached out to him to meet up while I was in Maui.

We ended up meeting at Cafe Des Amis in Paia, which is on the north side of Maui. My friends and I were coming from a long day of driving all over Hana, exhausted, dirty and hungry. We immediately ordered three Lilikoi Margaritas and proceeded to place our food orders. The place was fantastic! There was a little young duo singing live covers of Jack Johnson and Bob Marley and other beachy vibes. Three margaritas each later we were having a grand old time. Franck came by and introduced himself and his assistant. He told us about some local hangouts and help us locate some local jam my friend wanted to buy and take back to the states.

The next day Madison and I met Franck and his assistant at a local coffee shop, had an espresso and started our adventure. To get to the place we were shooting, we had to hike through sugar cane fields, mud covered roads, and a little rock climbing but the destination was well worth the trek. We got to the location on the north side of Maui, scratches all over our legs, dried mud up past our ankles and sweat pouring down our backs. We dropped the bags we were hauling there on the ground, quickly changed into some swim suits and dived into the many pools of water that surrounded the location.  After frolicking in waste deep waters trying to wash off the dried mud before I’m supposed to look “sexy” and not like I’ve been hiking for the last hour, they told me to watch out for the sea urchins that like to hide between the rocks. That made me quickly get out and focus on getting ready for the shoot.

The location was absolutely magical. An ancient place the Hawaiian women used to go to give birth. It looked like a landscape from the surface of the moon with water filled craters surrounded by fantastic, turquoise waters. Hope you enjoy the images Franck captured and make sure to check out his site for more amazing shots of beautiful women and sport action shots:

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