Top things to do in Cancun

My most recent trip to Cancun has got me reminiscing. The clear blue waters, the beautiful scenery, the fun things we did, and the amazing hospitality from Live Aqua Beach Resort all made it a memorable trip. This destination makes for a great vacation because there are so many ways to be uniquely entertained, but also plenty of refreshing relaxation and decadent indulgences to enjoy. Since my latest post about how memorable my birthday was at Live Aqua Beach Resort, I wanted to share some more reasons we spent our time with fun activities and beautiful sightseeing with the top things to do in Cancun.

  1. Enjoy ultimate beach front relaxation

    I’m not just talking about grabbing your towel and a Tommy Bahama chair and laying on the sand. I’m talking, private beach cabanas, massages by the ocean, cocktails catered to you and palm tree shade while laying underneath a comfortable cabana. Cancun does relaxation beaching right, and the perks of staying at Live Aqua are endless when it comes to luxury and comfort.


  2. Sightseeing the Mayan Ruins

Cancun has more to offer than just beautiful beaches and delicious food. There is a rich history in Cancun that you can still see and touch in the form of ancient Mayan Ruins. It is speculated that the Mayan Civilization built these cities between c. 250 to 900 A.D., and the ancient stone temples are still a monument of the land to this day. If you visit Cancun, make sure you check out these sights, not only is it interesting and historical but it’s extremely beautiful, and a neat experience to imagine what life was like so long ago. Ask your concierge at Live Aqua Beach Resort and they’ll direct you to where to go!

2. Happy Hour in Cancun

Going out to enjoy food and drinks is a great way to spend time. Cancun has mouth watering food, and delicious cocktails. Don’t wait for dinner time as an excuse to eat out; go out for lunch or happy hour to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and amazing appetizers, drinks, seafood and more.




4. Go snorkeling or Scuba Diving

The water in Cancun is so clear, it’s be a shame not to go explore. Have your concierge at Live Aqua set you up with a tour and instruction and dive underneath the warm, clear blue waters to see fish and explore the caves. It’s truly a magical and exciting experience you don’t want to miss when in Cancun!



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