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I am a huge fan of movies. Most of my nights consist of me and my Apple TV and I’m also not opposed to going to the movies alone. I actually prefer it. I get really frustrated when I’m trying to focus on the previews and whoever I’m at the movies with remembers that they want to tell me a story beause the actual movie we are there to watch hasn’t started yet . Really? At this very moment you decide to tell me something that takes longer than a one minute explanation?! Maybe I’m a little uptight when it comes to movie watching but I don’t want to be bothered.

Going to the movies alone is optimal in my opinion. No one to judge you for the massive quantities of treats you’re about to inhale or the amount of butter your about to pour over your popcorn. No sir! You can have that and some ice cream and a hot dog and be a little fatty because you’re on your “me time.” See what I did there? My grammar-challenged, spelling mistake-prone mind actually used “you’re” and “your” correctly. I know you are impressed and so am I but let’s focus on the movies.

1. The Martian: I’m so excited to see this movie! Not just because I’m a huge fan of  Matt Damon but also because I love space movies and if it’s in 3D, then I’ll probably see it multiple times!image


2. The Walk: This is a true story about illegal wire walking. Amazing director and actors and I’m stoked to see it. I like true stories from the past because it gives me a glimpse into a world that I was not able to experience and it helps me get lost in the story.image


3. Black Mass: If you like mob movies, then you will love this movie about the Irish gangster who corroborated with the FBI to take out the Italian mob.


4. Pawn Sacrifice: If you like chess and a good drama, then the true story of American chess prodigy Bobby Fischer will blow your mind. It depicts the trials he goes through as he challenges the the Soviet Empire during the height of the Cold War.



5. Everest: If you’re fascinated and obsessed with nature like me, then you must see Everest! It’s a dope docudrama about several expeditions up Mount Everest that results in multiple tragic deaths.



6. Another great life and nature film is A Walk in the Woods. It’s a comedy adventure that stars Robert Redford, a travel writer who decides to hike the Appalachian Trail with his buddy. Their adventures are pretty comical and endearing at the same time.  I know my mom is excited about the Robert Redford part but what excited me is being able to see the beautiful scenery of the Appalachian Trail (a bucket list item for me to hike at some point in my life).


7. I was so excited to see the final product of Straight Outta Compton as I got a chance to actually go to the set while they were filming last year. The movie chronicles the lives of five young men who started turning their experiences living on the dangerous streets of Compton during the mid-1980s into chart-topping musical success. The success also came with unwanted attention of the government and authorities and gave rise to a cultural and music revolution. Must see!


8. This is a cute story of a Grandma and her daughter finding each other at a moment when they both need each other. They go off on an adventure to get $600 for her granddaughter. I’m not gonna lie–what attracted me to this film was the young actress’ curly hair. I absolutely love curly hair and it made me want to see the movie. It’s quite endearing and I loved the grandma’s personality.



9. The Gift: If you are into mystery and suspense then this is the movie for you. Its a freaky tale of two people meeting again who had been at odds in the past and one person doesn’t seem to want to let it go twenty years later. He goes on the war path to stir up the past and it puts everyone at risk. This is exactly the reason why you should always be nice in high school!



10. Meru: This is such a mesmerizing movie! The grandeur of nature’s harshest elements and what propels one’s desire to constantly challenge yourself beyond imaginable limits. This is a documentary about a group of tough mountain climbers that attempt to climb to the Shark’s fin on Meru Peak in India, one of the toughest climbs nature has to offer. It’s a very compelling story of human nature and never giving up on your goals no matter the hardships in front of you.


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    October 24, 2015 at 4:05 am

    Hi Andreea,

    Very interesting choices. A lot more intriguing than I expected.

    I have a recommendation back to you based around what you seem to like. One word:


    Trust me. Oh, and make sure there’s noone annoying you during it. It’s one of those movies where every scene, bit of lighting, character interactions, and emotion is built for a specific purpose. Focus makes it far more enjoyable

    It will be one of the most intense but satisfying movies you ever watch, or your money back… 


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      October 28, 2015 at 9:59 pm

      Thank you i will definitely check it out

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