Your guide to healthy summer skin

Summer is finally here! Surely your mind and body are itching to get outside and embrace the Sun’s rays. Warm beaches, warm camping trips and so many outdoor activities are calling your name. For pictures, youthfulness and the sheer enjoyment of keeping healthy skin, it’s important you are mindful of some key ways to keep your skin glowing all summer long. Check out my go-to guide for having healthy skin this summer!


  1. To sunscreen, or not to sunscreen?

The best way to keep your skin young and wrinkle free is to have a healthy diet, and to avoid harsh exposure to the elements such as sunlight. We have all heard that sunburns on our face is pretty terrible for achieving lifelong youthful skin, and it is true. However, new research is showing that many of the chemicals used to make household name sunscreens and SPF products are actually just as harmful, if not worse for your skin than the sun. In fact, the sun actually has many benefits to your skin such as clearing acne and providing the natural happiness drug- Vitamin D. You best bet is to use an organic, and all natural sunscreen. Read the ingredients on the bottle of your sunscreen just as you would food packaging to see what you’re getting yourself into. If it sounds toxic, it probably is.

  1. Hats, hats, hats

Luckily, a hat is my favorite accessory. But if hats are not your thing, I urge you to try again. Since too much sunscreen can be bad for your skin, the best way to care for your face is to wear a hat. Not only does a good hat cover your face, but also keeps your shoulders, scalp and some of your neck and chest protected. Expand your fashion this summer from a ball cap to a floppy hat for maximum protection. The bigger the hat, the more coverage you will get. Your future self will thank you.

  1. Rock the shades

This is your perfect excuse to get those new shades you’ve been eyeing, and to splurge the extra $100 or so on them, too. What is better justification than your health and longevity? Polarized sunglasses with quality lenses are much more effective on protecting your eyes from the bright sun rays and reflections. Yes, shades are more for just looking good, but for protecting the lifetime and health of your eyes. And don’t just wear shades at the beach or on when you will be in the direct sun for hours, wear them anytime you are in a car, outside, or exposed to sunlight even for a short amount of time. Choose sunglasses that have a thicker frame to protect the sides of your face and around your eyes as well, not just the socket of your eye. Once again, the bigger, the better.

  1. Go all-natural with your makeup

Summer days are the perfect time to get a natural bronze and rosy cheeks from the sun. Instead of layering on thick makeup, give your skin some breathing room by joining the no makeup movement, or by simply using a lighter makeup such as a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, or opting for one of the many  organic makeup brands. The secret to young and healthy skin is to always keep it moisturized. Especially in the dry and hot summer months.

5. Sunburn hack

No matter how prepared you may be most days, there may always be a time when we forget protection, or the sun snuck out when our weather app said it wouldn’t. When those days, happen, the best way is to react quickly. If you get burnt, the negative effects can worsen by your skin peeling and keeping your complexion red long after your time in the sun is over. The minute that you know you have a sunburn, take ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) and coconut oil. The trick is, coconut oil is extremely soothing for you skin and moisturizing to the surface, taking care of the external effects of sunburn. The ibuprofen tackles the anti-inflammatory from the inside, helping reduce the negative effects of the burn, including any pain. (**Be sure to follow the instructions on the ibuprofen bottle and do not exceed recommended dosage). The next day or 2 your redness should be a nice tan. Make sure to keep moisturized to avoid peeling and wear loose clothing to let your skin breathe.


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