5 Simple tips to hosting a great dinner party this Fall

One of the best parts of the Fall season is getting everyone together. By the time the hot summer air has faded, all your friends will be eager to dive into knit sweaters, sip on sweet spiced lattes and teas and embrace the crisp air. This Fall, hosting a memorable Fall dinner or party is not so difficult to do. These simple tips for hosting a favored Fall dinner party will have you and your guests in the Fall spirit.

  1. Keep schedules in mind

Give people plenty of notice. The Holiday season is a busy time for everyone, so keep this in mind when picking a date. Choosing an evening during the week such as a Thursday night when people don’t have plans may work in your favor. Weekends are usually all booked up for people and you will have to compete with other invites or to-do list items. Plus, doing it mid-week takes the pressure off of the event and makes it feel much more casual. For a relaxed event, make sure that carving this out from your guests schedule is not something stressful they feel that they “have to do” but something they are relaxed and excited about. E-vites are an easy way to spread the word and let you drop a pin for the address so you don’t have to be on your phone when the party starts. Certain apps even let you add this to their calendar so your guests have a friendly reminder when the evening is getting closer.

2. Accommodate everyone for food and drink

Greet your guests with a drink offer to get them kicked off with something to sip on and make them feel welcome. Pumpkin spiced lattes, dulce de leche and hazelnut will all be popular cravings for the palate this fall. Think creamy, sweet and fall-flavored! For an easy alcohol drink, add champagne to gold-rimmed flutes and drop a few cranberries on the top for a pretty glass. Add cinnamon sticks to hot cocoa or coffee and definitely have some fresh whip cream and cinnamon powder on hand to make the mugs photo-worthy.

There is nothing worse than being “that” person at the party who is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, vegetarian… the list goes on. To avoid letting your guests feel awkward or left out come dinnertime, make sure you have options for everyone. Don’t be afraid to add cute labels, too, to avoid the extra questions so the dinner can roll on as usual without the explanation of what is safe or not for those with allergies.

3. Set the mood and atmosphere

Choose your music, candles, and lighting ahead of time. It is a good idea to have the mood set before your guests arrive so it feels natural. Create or find a playlist on Spotify that fits the theme, and take the time to decorate. This fall is all about cozy materials, cinnamon scents in the air and pumpkin flavored everything. Embrace the fall festivities in your decor, sights, sounds, and smells. It will make everyone at your home in the spirit.

Setting the atmosphere for your Fall dinner party shouldn’t be too extravagant or take to much time or money. Put some cinnamon sticks in the oven to make your entire house smell like Fall. Light some vanilla or hazelnut scented candles to set the mood. Decorate your table pieces with dark, autumn colors such as greens and deep reds and oranges. Gold is in this Fall for beautiful silverware and frames for any signs such as the wifi code or seating arrangements.

Keep the music somewhat upbeat, so your guests can feel free to dance or at the least stay enlivened. With all the cozy feel you don’t want your guests dozing off. Keep the temperature in mind for your guests to make sure everyone is comfortable no matter what they choose to wear. It is never fun when you spend all day decorating your house, and then guests go hang out outside in the undecorated patio because it is nicer outside. Open a window, set your thermostat early in the day. If you’re feeling up for it, try hosting your party outside. Set a bonfire, pillows, blankets and some cozy drinks for guests to enjoy the crisp Fall air.

4. Have some games planned

To keep the evening interesting, have some games in mind just in case you need to spice things up. If the conversations are flowing and there is no need for more entertainment, then so be it. But if you start to feel a lull in the party, have a game or two in mind to break out easily so people do not feel the pull to leave.

5. Keep it lighthearted and fun

No matter what happens during the evening, the host always sets the tone for how the night will be. If you are happy, fun, light-hearted and make your guests feel welcome, then it is bound to be a great evening.

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