The Importance of Strong Female Friendships

As women, we all have a natural longing and innate desire for romantic relationships. There is so much advice to be given and received about the complexities of relationships, and so much of our lives as women is influenced by our romantic interests. Yet there is a value in relationships with other women that cannot be denied and shouldn’t be ignored.


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Who you surround yourself with influences who you will become. Surround yourself with positive and optimistic women. Women who are strong in their values and beliefs, and will uplift and encourage your confidence and dreams. All women have a unique beauty and purpose, yet many also struggle with insecurity and doubt their value. Sharing relationships with women who inspire you to be better, encourage you when you are down, and share the best moments in life with you.


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Women can connect and emotionally support one another in unique and healthy ways, yet women can also tear one another down. It’s important to share conversations and build relationships with positive women that inspire you, and are willing end trustworthy to talk to and share your feelings with.


Taking time to bond with other women, and seeking out people who not only have similar interests but challenge you to have new experiences can be invaluable. It’s easy to focus on beauty, health, and relationships with our significant other, yet our mental and emotional health can be nurtured with great friends that are kind, loving and consistently put a smile on your face.


Choose friends that are willing and excited to be spontaneous, adventurous and active with you. In a world with so much beauty to discover, having friends that are willing to challenge themselves, enjoy nature and adventure with you can be the most valuable and memorable of all.

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Now I challenge all you women to pick up your phone and text your favorite girlfriends and let them know how much you value them! No one can hear that enough 🙂

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    Glam & the city
    February 1, 2017 at 2:50 am

    Love this! I don’t have siblings so my friends are my sisters!

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    February 1, 2017 at 2:56 am

    Love this. I follow you and snap and Instagam. Hopefully one day we can end this stigma that woman can’t coexist. We can be emotional and sometimes it gets the best of us but opening up to other woman is something very special. We all have similar emotional struggles and we tend to be more kind and sympathetic toward it once we break down our walls. You were right on the mark on your snapchat when woman come together to just be there for each other we become empowered! P.s. No shade to men. We love you too!

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