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  1. Albin says

    Reading this I’m almost certain the NSA is completely run by women…

    All jokes aside, great post Andreea! I think you’re spot on with the consequences that follow “social media stalking”.

    I believe I too am guilty of this behaviour from time to time, however thanks to reading your post, I will from now on think twice in attempting to find information regarding someone I’ve just met.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and take care/Albin.

  2. Chrismarq8 says

    ok, last one…
    Researching is fine but when you sum up a person as a whole without speaking a single word to them is pretty judgmental in my opinion. How well do you really know a person if you haven’t had ONE conversation with them? Oh, you see them liking pictures of other girls… Big deal, they ARE single, NO?? Don’t you have an interest in possibly 4 guys at the moment?? Sure you do, it’s natural when you’re single. Pictures are WORTH a thousand word’s and give you an idea about a person, but none of it means anything if you don’t actually meet the person or even chat online. If you like someone, TELL THEM, talk to them, be old fashioned and talk to people. Try not to judge by just pictures. I mean, what do you see when you look at Dan Bilzerians pictures?? I see a rich kid who’s been banging hoe’s and playing for a long time because he has zero responsibility thanks to his daddy leaving him a large amount of money. And will probably continue on that path for the next 30 years… People like Dan and Hugh Hefner never get married, they have the freedom to be with just about anyone they can buy and will never settle. And if they do get married, it’s for a very short time… But seriously, you can’t just go off pictures, if you truly like someone, give them a fair shot, wouldn’t you want them to treat you with the same respect??

    Peace, won’t bother ya anymore

  3. Liz says

    I think that relationships as a whole are completely different now a days regardless of social media or not. One of the main things people today do is give up so easily when something goes wrong, something like a simple fight makes people end a relationship. Obviously with the internet we have been exposed to the opportunity of people not only near by but around the whole world, opening the possibilities of relationships everywhere. We have been given the technology to perhaps bring us closer together but in the end just how you stated tears relationships apart. You get a general idea of what someone might be like scrolling through their Instagram, or through their Facebook…but what people do not understand is that it is a general over view of their life. That moment that was shared is not a representation of someone’s who life, it is just the tip of the iceberg. As we are all guilty of the social media stalking, I think men and women equally do it. I think with anything you can draw your conclusions based off what someone posts, or what someone likes…but in the end it is all depending on two things; trust and communication. If you have those two in your relationship you create a solid foundation within.

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