LifeCo Resort experience in Phuket, Thailand

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When I first heard of the LifeCo properties I went on their website to see what they are all about. I got that they were a wellness and detox resort but I didn’t really understand their commitment to their mission statement until I experienced it for myself.



Although I landed at 1am local time, I was greeted by their shuttle driver who patiently waited until my friend’s plane landed as well so we could ride to the hotel together. As soon as we got to the hotel around 4am, I was warmly greeted and quickly checked in by the front desk attendant. As soon as I was able to rest and having woken up to the most beautiful sunrise, I went downstairs and met with one of their advisers to figure out which detox program I would be on while at the resort. Because there was three of us girls, we each decided to try a different program. Madison did the Master Detox, Samantha did the Green Detox and I did the Green Salad Detox. I only could do it for a few days because I wanted to be able to try the Thai cuisine but I was happy to find that I liked the way the green juices tasted. Normally, I would not go buy a green juice but I think I’m gonna start drinking 1-2 a week.



This is what my program entailed:


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What was impressive to me was the staff’s dedication to guests having a successful program. They were extremely attentive and knowledgeable and was very helpful in explaining why the different parts of the program were important. They also noticed if you were trying to cheat and eat something you weren’t supposed to.

The resort also had activities that took place on the property so you can fill your day while going through the program. They had daily yoga, nature walks, meditation, tai chi, raw vegan cooking classes and movie nights. The resort also had a clinic with doctors and nurses on staff which came in handy when I got sick. They also host cancer patients and people suffering from diabetes and other illnesses and the nurses are there to monitor and care for those guests as well. They have IV treatments, a chiropractor (that I actually went to), a spa with a full menu of services, sauna and steam rooms, a gym and an outdoor yoga studio. There are also bikes you can take out and ride if you just want to go off on your own and they have a great juice bar by the beach which was exceptionally clean. I actually saw someone out there cleaning the beach daily from the debris that might have washed up on shore from high tide.

The highlights of my stay was sitting down with doctor Vince (chiropractor) and talking about health and how everything in the body affects each other. I happened to have a migraine that day, something I’ve dealt with all my life, and he was able to adjust my neck and spine and get rid of it instantly. I was shocked to say the least and he went on to explain to me why that worked. Again, extremely knowledgeable.

I definitely took advantage of their shuttle service that gave you the first four hours free after which there was a charge. I used that service to sight-see and was so surprised that the driver patiently waited for us as long as we wanted to be out.

The evenings and mornings were my favorite at the LifeCo though. I was still on LA time so I would wake up sometimes before the sunrise. I would douse myself in the organic bug spray they provided me and would sit out on the deck in their massive rocking chairs, reading and waiting for the sun to rise. Often times, I was joined by my little lizard friend that apparently lived on the patio. Eventually, he got brave and sat on my rocking chair armrest as we watched the sunrise together. Completely at peace listening to the bird’s chirp and watching the most beautiful colors dance across the sky.IMG_8315


All in all, I would recommend this resort to anyone that is serious about entering a healthier lifestyle and changing the way they think about food. You will be put on a strict diet but the benefits will be worth the sacrifice plus you might learn you like raw vegan food.

They have resorts in many locations such as Phuket, Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul and Ankara. I would recommend the minimum stay should be at least a week so you have a change to see the progress and results from the program.

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For more information, check out their website:

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