Organized Cooking with my Master Pan

Anyone that has seen me cooking knows I’m a very messy cook. There’s food flying all over the place and piles of dishes and pans in the sink. Mainly because I am cooking multiple dishes at the same time and cleanliness is not a priority. I rarely ever measure ingredients (unless I’m trying to report back a recipe to you all) and organization is definitely not my strong point. So when I was recently browsing a site called and came across this pan  called The Master Pan that had all these compartments I was intrigued.

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When I first received my Master Pan, it was in the middle of the afternoon so I decided to use it to make lunch. It was advertised online more as a breakfast scenario pan solution but I felt like lunch and dinner could easily be cooked in it as well. So I set out to make salmon with veggies and quinoa. It was literally my first experience cooking in this pan and I didn’t know what to expect. So I started with my salmon and veggies first and added the quinoa last because it cooks in no time at all.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see how efficient it was not having to crowd my stove with four different pans not to mention wash them. Also, having perfectly proportioned compartment for better portion control which in turn leadS to healthier eating habits was a plus. I liked it so much, I decided to make the same meal again and film it for you since I was way overdue for a cooking video.

If you’re like me and like getting cool new kitchen gadgets that make your life in the kitchen easier then definitely check this baby out. I think the Master Pan is a great kitchen tool for any guy as well because it will save you lots of hassle in cleaning dishes and will cook your food evenly and at the same time.

I asked for a discount for my readers if you guys would like to try this pan. Use the code: Andreea16 at to get $20 off and free shipping!

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Here is my cooking experience video style…

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