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Helpful tips for Holiday Travel

Traveling can be an exciting, long-awaiting journey, or it can be a dreaded and exhausting experience altogether. Traveling during the holidays is almost always on the latter side with crowded airports, train stations and high levels of inconvenient security checkpoints. Going home to see loved ones for the holidays can be something you’ve looked forward too, however, getting there is usually the stressful part. Whether you are traveling for work, or for Christmas festivities within the next few weeks, here are some…

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Must have: over the knee boots

Fall and winter fashion beckons us to take our tall boots from the shelves to the streets. Right now, over the knee boots are in, giving you an irresistible elongated and chic look. Having a pair of tall black boots, is a must in my wardrobe, the taller the better. Yet stopping at black would be leaving the party too soon. With gorgeous velvet back in fashion, fun fringe, accent ties on the backs and varying heel styles, more over the knee…

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Cure nail polish boredom with this modern manicure salon

How many times have you gone to a nail salon, and stared blankly at the wall of polish colors? If you’ve ever felt decision fatigue, surely it’s been at a nail salon. Unfortunately, even after sampling one blue, one purple, one red and one green on different nails before telling the girl which one you’d like to commit to for the next few weeks, it’s likely you still didn’t feel totally satisfied when you left the salon. At best, maybe you…

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Black Staples for Fall: Get the look

Keeping your black pieces delicate and sheer like this flowing pleated skirt, suede heeled boots and a go-to leather bag make your fall to winter fashion on trend. Adding a paperboy hat or billed beret is a plus. This actual dress and also some alternatives to achieving this look are here with a pleated skirt and blazer so you can get this easy and stylish fall look.…

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Cool Earring Trends for Fall

Earrings are another way to express your style. Classic gold hoops, and gold with a twist are hot this Fall. Dress up any look and make a bold fashion statement with colorful beaded hoops with gems and tassels, or keep it classy with pearly and diamonds. Whatever style you love, there are ways to know which earring style look best on you. Big earrings are the trend this Fall, so whatever you do, go bold and have fun with it.…

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