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My Cyber Monday Shopping List

Happy Cyber Monday! When it comes to shopping I hate going to the store, I shop for everything online. Which means Cyber Monday is something I look forward to every year; tons of great deals and I don’t have to leave my house? Amazing! I spent my weekend making my shopping list. I’ve researched all the best deals at my favorite stores like Target, Anthropologie, Sephora, and many more, so I’m ready to grab all the best deals today. While…

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What to wear after Labor Day: 2018 Fall fashion trends you’re going to see

In the world of Fashion, Labor Day is the official mark that summer is gone and fall is here. With a summer gone, white, bright colors, and light airy fabrics go with it. I hope you’re all shopping the awesome Labor Day sales to help stores make way for the oh-so-wonderful beloved season: Fall. Fall is the time of year many of us just can’t wait for. The crisp air calls for layered sweaters, large coats, an array of scarves, tall…

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Cool Eyewear for 2018

It’s hard to believe there once was a time when wearing glasses was considered unattractive, or even “nerdy”. Now, eyeglasses are fashionable, bold, and add personality to your own unique style. Whether you are using glasses to drive, read, in your everyday life to see, or just to look extra stylish, these cool eyeglasses will look good from both sides of the lens. Retro Think of the glasses a woman would be wearing if she was donning bell bottoms, and…

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Back for Summer: Red Gingham

Some patterns come and go for good, and some just seem to never leave. Gingham is one of those iconic patterns that will never truly go out of style. This fabric often mistaken for checkered is called “Gingham” and has a more interesting history than you might think. Coming from the Malayan word “genggang” meaning “striped”, this look was named when colored yarn was woven into uncolored yarn at its original design. The result was a striped/checkered look that wore this…

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What to do when you’ve forgotten a gift on Valentines Day

When you have someone special in your life, it can be hard to sum up all of your affections for them in one day, but V-Day sure is a great time  Valentines Day certainly is not a make it or break it day for your relationship, but if you forget to get your Significant other something sweet, it can turn this day from a lovers celebration into a lovers quarrel. If Valentines Day snuck up on you this year, it’s not…

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