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Easy and Delicious Torte Recipe

I did it, I fell prey to the Costco disease. I mean how can you not? So many great deals! The only problem with this is that I currently do not have a Costco-size household. For example, while we were shopping my friend warned me that I didn’t need the bag of 15 plums, I didn’t listen…but she was correct. So many plums, too little time! I ate about 5 plums before the rest started to get overripe. I felt…

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Natural Health and Beauty Uses of Grapefruit

Weight Loss Consuming grapefruit juice during meals can reduce weight gain, lower blood pressure and improve insulin sensitivity. Grapefruit juice can aid to absorb and reduce the starch and sugar in the body and thus aid in weight loss. Naringenin, a flavonoid found predominately in Grapefruit that helps the liver burn fat instead of storing it, lower insulin levels and lower blood sugar levels. Consume Grapefruit in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism, and drink the juice with and between meals…

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