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Three Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Here’s Zoe’s version of my pancake recipe! I love when people get creative and alter a recipe they like into a recipe they LOVE!   This post is coming a little late because I was in such a hurry to make these that I didn’t write down the measurements I used and just had a chance to go back and remake it. It’s from a few weeks ago before Halloween and I had just been Halloween costume shopping all day with…

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Healthy camping food ideas

We all know it’s tough eating healthy. It’s even harder eating healthy while camping. So how do you stay on your meal plan and still go out and rough it in nature? It takes a little planning, but it’s definitely possible. First, take the basic staples. As long as you have a fire or a portable stove, you’re golden! I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods and bought one for $25 dollars, and the propane cartridges were $15. Not a bad…

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