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Make Great Coffee at Home

I start every morning with a cup of coffee, it is a must in my daily routine and something I truly look forward to. And as an avid coffee drinker, I have tried making coffee in every which way: using pods in a machine, on the stove, using a French press, instant coffee, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. With my life being constantly on-the-go, I often praise my Nespresso machine. It’s fast, versatile, and makes great tasting…

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How to Plan a Weekend Trip and Get the Most Out of It

 There are approximately 104 weekend days each year. That’s 104 opportunities to have an awesome adventure. So often, the weekends slip into the week because we finally have the chance to go out with friends on Fridays, sleep in on Saturdays and brunch our little hearts out on Sundays. Weekends often become forgotten as the perfect chance to get away. But those 2-3 days (depending on your work or school schedule) sneaking into your calendar and slipping away into playing…

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Why Washing Your Make Up Off is So Important

   We’ve all been there. Late night, come home, and all you want to do is fall straight asleep. Getting up and splashing water on your face is the last thing you want to do. After a long day at work or play, washing off your makeup is really not all that important, or… is it? A few scientists and beautician’s who have studied this topic may convince you just why it is worth it to get up off the…

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6 Simple Tips for Successfully Documenting Your Adventure With an iPhone

When traveling so often and with so much on my agenda, it can be challenging to create unique and constant content. It’s important for my followers and I that I not only capture and share my experiences, but also embrace the experience. A professional camera, gear, and lenses can get pricey, and simply too much to carry when traveling. But there’s good news! You don’t have to have a professional quality camera, or a refined set of skills to successfully…

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Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is May 8th and for my Weekly Tips this week I wanted to give you all some ideas of what to do or get for your mom. I hope my suggestions are helpful and I’m sure ANY effort on your part will be more than enough for your mom on her special day!…

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