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Going into Fall with Plaid

There are some Fall classics we can count on to come back year after year. Plaid is one of them. For a signature look for Fall that won’t let you down, plaid is always a good idea. Whether you opt in for a long and bold plaid trench or a more subtle scarf, plaid will add a touch of fall fashion to whatever look you are going for. You can’t go wrong with a classic flannel for a breezy and casual…

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Going into Fall with Nudes and Crushed Velvet

Fall is finally here, and with it, time to rotate our closest for cooler weather and new looks. I’m totally crushing on the latest fling: nudes and crushed velvet. Nudes are so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, they go with almost anything for a smooth transition into Fall, and velvet, of course, is totally irresistible. Timeless, bold, yet chic, velvet pieces are a must-have in your fashion arsenal this Fall. Fortunately, velvet is pretty much everywhere these days and…

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5 Tips on How to Look Casual yet Stylish

Every gal needs to know how to master that “I look good without even trying” appeal. You know the one. It’s when you can head out into the town, with clothes so comfortable you could fall asleep in them, but you also catch eyes because you look good, and not like a bum. Let’s not get the words “lazy” and “comfortable” confused here. Fashion requires us to put some effort into making ourselves look stylish for a day out, but just…

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Staying slim the French way: no yoga pants or gym required

A common complaint many of us have when it comes to working out, staying slim, or being fit is that it interferes with our lives in some way. We don’t have time, we don’t want to sacrifice good food or drinks, and we certainly don’t want to miss out on our social life. What if I told you there’s a way to stay slim, healthy and happy in your own skin without ever stepping foot in a gym or sliding…

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Trend alert: Denim Jackets

If there’s one thing you should never toss out of your closet, it’s that classic denim jacket. Is it ripped and worn? Even better. Denim jackets are one of those trends that always find their way back around the block sooner or later.   Many are even rocking the denim on denim, a look that has been considered a fashion no-no for years but is now becoming a fashionista favorite (when done well, of course. We don’t want any JT…

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