• I still can’t believe I’ve now been married over a year! Wow. Time really does fly by once you’re not a kid anymore. That day was a blur but the memories will last forever. I realized I never shared our wedding video. At first I never intended to share it, and then I changed my mind but life got in the way. Is this something you would want to see? As you can imagine it’s very special to me. .
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  • Are you scared to wear a red lip?The red lip is a classic when it comes to holiday makeup. A pop of red on the lips can transform any look from casual to wow.
But I have to be honest, I wasn’t always a fan of the red lip. For some reason I was embarrassed to wear it. I felt like it attracted the wrong attention or sent the wrong message.... man was I crazy... long gone are those days obviously, since red lips have become my go to these days but I wanted to bring it up in case you ARE debating on whether you want to try red. Everyone CAN pull a red lip off... you just need to find the right shade of red for you.
Olive skin looks best in yellow or orange-based reds.Pale and fair skin tends to look better in cool reds and berry reds with blue undertones, like cranberry.Dark skin can handle more intense color, like deep reds and reds with blue undertones.But don’t let these rules put you in a box when it comes to red lipstick. Go to a Mac counter or Sephora store and let a professional shade match you 💋 #redlips #redlip
  • Have been obsessed with the show Deuce on HBO so I wanted to post an outfit inspired by that era. But I need some new shows to watch... would love some new recommendations 👇🏼🙏🏻
  • Finally found the box with my jewlery.... me 10 minutes later wearing everything feeling fabulous lol .... 💭 remember when you were 5 and you broke into your moms jewlery and put on everything including her heels and paraded around her room like you were a grownup? Man what a care free time back then #randomthoughts
  • Stop telling women to smile____________ I walked by this mural on my first trip to Chicago over 3 years ago. It was like negative 20 degrees and Bryan was trying to show me around while simultaneously freezing his butt off because this Chicago native had not dressed warmly enough while your girl did a pretty good job being prepared for the tundra. But I remember taking a picture in front of this because I loved the images of all the diverse women (I’ll show you the whole thing on stories) but what resonated with me was the message. Not sure about you but I am not the kind of girl that smiles all the time for no reason. So I often heard “smile” as I was growing up and been now, it really bugs me for a couple reasons. 1. Why do women HAVE to smile all the time? Why is it not acceptable to be serious instead of soft. Just cuz we aren’t smiling doesn’t mean we are angry or upset.Why don’t people walk around telling men to smile more?! 2. Why would you sit there and tell someone to smile when that is not their intent. Maybe that’s just their face, maybe their in a bad mood.... you don’t know. Instead you would rather make them feel forced to give you some awkward fake smile so that you could feel good about yourself. Haha it really bugs me. Do you feel the same?
  • Isn’t it funny how life works? When I took this picture, I was ruffling through clothing trying to find some cute stuff I wanted to shoot and then I saw this organe Chicago sweater and faded stone wash jeans and thought it would be cute to take a picture in them because my husband is from Chicago.  Well 6 months later, I’ve come full circle and here I am on my second week living in Chicago. Im excited for this new chapter with my family. If you have any recommendations for me that pertain to Chicago in general please leave a comment. They would be greatly appreciated. #happyfridayeveryone #chicagolocal #chicagoblogger #newtochicago
  • VISIBLE IMPROVEMENTS IN SEVERAL WEEKS! I’m so happy to report that after using the @bioeffectofficial EGF serum for the past few weeks my skin is firmer, bounces back faster, and has a luminosity I haven’t seen in a while. #Ad
This was my very first experience with EGF and I’m definitely a fan now! It was important to me that the serum only contained 7 ingredients, so I knew exactly what I was applying to my face. I would definitely recommend you look into this EGF Serum if you’re looking to try a new skincare product that will hydrate and restore your skin this winter. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • All my favs on SALE: my @cynthiamaenyc backpack that I use daily (btw the whole site is 30% off til midnight so if you want to purchase and get free shipping do it today and use the code FREE SHIPPING • my @luckybrand  jumpsuit which is on sale now and it’s super flattering even if you’re not tall and skinny • my go to platform booties from @stevemadden [everything linked on stories and “wearing” highlight]
  • DIY face mask for skin regeneration, acne, skin sensitivity and just a nice even complexion. I have been using this mask forever and it’s pretty easy to make: 1 tbsp French green clay, 1 tbsp aloe Vera gel, 12 drop *quality* rosehip oil. Apply to face until it’s dry and remove with a wet warm cloth (it can get messy). To get all the ingredients (that will last you for 100s of these masks, click the link in my bio and go to my Amazon page (the Beauty supplies list) and you’ll see everything there:) let me know how you like it and if you want me to share my DIY skincare .
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  • Been living in this @aloyoga set because it’s so warm and cozy. It’s prob my fav sweatshirt so far because the neck is a little raised and I feel all warm and snuggly in it :) Also, shoutout to all my Romanians names after Saint Andrew. Today is your day. If you are Romanian, then you know what I’m talking about :) if you don’t... well I’ll tell ya :) In Romania 🇷🇴 we celebrate our saints day that we share a name with as a second birthday. When you’re younger you get little gifts and everyone wishes you happy bday. This works out great because I have my real bday June 6th then my saints bday Nov 30th 🥰 .
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