I hope our baby gets to live in a far better world than ours.
Thank you for the sweet messages. So appreciative for the advice and insight from you all. Now that you all know, I’m excited to share more of the pregnancy in real time! I have a working list of all things baby and mom. Anyone else expecting in 2021?👼🏼🤍 #expectingmom
Well 2020 gave us a pretty big gift 🤰🏻we are so happy to be welcoming our first child in June! Any guesses on the gender? #16weekspregnant
Looking back on this past year... grateful for the lessons learned and for my health. Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Years Eve.✨ Are you doing anything to celebrate? Let me know. #newyearseve2020
How has your holiday weekend been? Did you see your loved ones? 🤍
Finally got out of the house and wanted to document it. How often are you getting out of the house? How worried are you about catching covid?

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