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A little about me.

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania I found myself moving to the US with my parents and two suitcases after my dad’s best friend jokingly entered my dad’s name in the visa lottery and my dad won! Moving to a foreign country with a different lifestyle, language and culture than I was used to was definitely a culture shock and taught me the importance of family, hard work and perseverance. Not speaking English my first year in the US really was a humbling experience and taught me how to be kind even in the face of adversity. Over twenty years later, I am a college graduate, a wife, a daughter and the owner of four adorable pets. I am constantly trying to better myself for my family and for my online community by sharing all the knowledge I acquire on all things beauty and all the life lessons learned in hopes of adding something positive to the online space. 

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out Simply Andreea. I started this blog as an extension of my online presence where I can share more than I’m able to on social media. It’s a place I can share my thoughts on beauty, skincare, my favorite recipes and travel destinations, growing pains, family, pets and pretty much anything important impacting my world and journey through life. 

I started this blog during my time in cooking school with the intention of sharing my take on classic recipes but I was met with constant questions on my skin and life so I decided to share more on those subjects. The importance of good skincare was something passed down to me by my mom and grandmother who both have never worn a lick of makeup so skincare was of the utmost importance. That inadvertently got passed down to me at a young age and I became increasingly interested in the beauty industry as a passion of mine. But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would turn into a career.

Before starting a blog, I worked in finance and tech startups so Simply Andreea is the product of a lot of trial and error, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad you’re here and look forward to sharing my world with you.

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