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Winter Trip to NYC: Booking with HotelTonight

My crazy schedule often means many things happen at the last minute. Unfortunately, this includes my travel plans. My recent trip to New York City was no different, so I partnered up with Hotel Tonight to book my hotel for the week, and it was a lifesaver. It was so easy to book, there were so many hotels to choose from and all at discounted rates. That’s pretty much a dream when you’re booking last minute, especially around the holiday…

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My Packing and Luggage Must-Haves

Packing can be quite a chore, especially if you’re traveling for weeks and months at a time, as I often am. As I was packing for my wedding and winter trips, I thought it may be helpful to share some of my go-to packing and luggage items that make my life easier.  I find it very important to stay organized to reduce stress while packing and traveling. I try to organize my suitcase by item or outfit, but that organization…

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Don’t fly without these 8 beauty products

Some people love flying, the exciting take-off, relaxing entertainment and the thrill of where they are going next. Many others, however, simply hate it. Long lines, crowded crammed seats and trying to sit still for hours can be a bit of a dreaded experience. Whether you are someone who loves flying or not, or maybe a little bit of both, flying doesn’t have to take a toll on your beauty. The key to stepping off the plane refreshed is to stay…

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