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Why Sunscreen is a Daily Essential

Wearing sunscreen is something that brings many of us back to the smelly white lotion our parent’s used to wipe on us as we struggled and wriggled to get away and play with our friends. While the lotion may have left embarrassing white residue all over our face and body, our parent’s were always right when they said to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is not something that should only be worn on warm, sunny days when we are outside with our…

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5 Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets to Start Now

If you stopped anyone on the street and asked them about getting older, we could probably bet that anyone would say that getting wrinkles is not a part of aging they are excited about. With it being a known fact that as we age, so too does our skin, why do so many of us wait until we are older to do something about it? Sure, many of us try to wear hats when in the sun or not smoke too…

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