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Health Benefits of Charcoal

With all of the health and beauty trends nowadays it can be hard to tell what really works as advertised. If you’ve been on the internet or in the beauty section of any store recently, you have probably seen some product using charcoal. Using charcoal in so many products is something that has happened in just the past few years. Because of this recent upswing, I wanted to know what the real benefits of charcoal are for the skin and…

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Vitamin E Oil Explained

In the world of beauty and skincare today there are so many different supplements, oils, serums, and creams it’s hard to know what to choose. You know I try and keep it real about what products are working best for me, but I also think it’s important to have general knowledge of a product before use because everyone’s skin is so different. Vitamin E is something we are always told is great for our skin, and Vitamin E oil has…

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3 Types of Tea to Boost Health, Beauty and Wellness

For centuries, tea has been used to boost health, beauty, and overall wellness. Tea has been proven to help with a variety of illness from the common cold to cancer, aid in weight loss, help healthy organ functioning and much, much more. Depending on the type of tea you choose, there is a multitude of benefits to each. There are a wide variety of teas available, and each with their own unique healing properties. Curious, I looked up the different main types…

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