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Should You Go Gluten Free?

Diet, fashion and fitness trends come and go and it can be hard to keep up. Yet with the growing technology and information being shared and spread more rapidly through the internet these days, it can make sense that we know more now and his can make healthy changes. Still, it can be hard to know what are trends you should avoid and let pass, and what trends you should join in on. There are downsides and benefits to every…

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Simple Sourdough Starter

  Every wonder how Sourdough bread gets its distinctly sour taste? As it turns out, Sourdough bread gets its unique flavor through a process called fermentation, just like beer and kombucha does. Sourdough dough is made using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast, and its super simple to make your own Sourdough starter at home.   Sourdough “starter” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s what you will use to begin making a Sourdough recipe, whether that’s bread, English muffins, pizza dough, or pancakes.…

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New breakfast spot alert!!

  This weekend I had a friend in town and decided to try out a new spot she heard rave reviews about. So we hopped in my car and drove down to Venice Beach and went to Gjusta. Driving down the little street, you can barely distinguish the white building as a restaurant but as soon as you push through the thin, brown screen door, a bustling restaurant lays before you.   The space is quite large and has a…

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