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The best part of Amsterdam: biking the city

Each city has their own unique quirks to it that make it a one of a kind place to be. For Amsterdam, it’s their bikes. Everywhere you go, locals and visitors alike ride their bikes to get to where they’re going. Looking around, you realize that bikes are much more common for daily commuting than cars are. The city’s layout itself is flat, and there are bike trails in every direction you look. It’s such a fun experience, that I’d recommend…

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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Florence

High fashion, delicious Italian cuisine, famous art, and stunning architecture around every corner. If you are craving an excuse to indulge in the art and magic of Italy, Florence is the place to go. Between the one-of-a-kind Renaissance art, the delicious restaurants, the inviting layout of the streets, and the rich culture, this magical city quickly jumped to the top of my list of favorite places. There are countless reasons to love Florence, here are the 5 that made my…

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My stay at Banyan Tree, Bangkok

Having just left Phuket, I didn’t know what to expect of Bangkok. On one hand, I had some friends telling me I only needed one day to see Bangkok and I had others saying that I needed a week. So I gave myself five days to explore the city. On the plane’s approach, I was amazed by how large the city actually was! We must have been flying over it for a solid 15 minutes before we landed. Immediately, I…

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