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My Favorite Products for Beautiful Brows

Whatever your natural eyebrow genes gave you, eyebrows completely change the look of your face. How to achieve well shaped, neatly groomed and full looking brows is important for any look. Eyebrows are particularly important for achieving a natural or no-makeup look. Since it is so beautiful to be minimal in our makeup, it is important to make sure our eyebrows are not over the top, but subtle and pretty. Keeping beautiful brows requires the right kind of maintenance and products…

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Weekly Tips: Eyebrows & Eggs

Hi Everyone! So recently, I’ve been getting so many requests and questions from you all that I’ve decided to make them into Weekly Tip Videos. I’m super excited about these videos because it’s a new way I can engage with you all and be helpful at the same time. Videos are relatively new to me so I hope you guys are patient with me until I get the hang of these, the lighting and editing them. So here is my…

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Ok guys, lets talk eyebrows! The most common question I’m asked is what I use on my eyebrows. That’s simple, I use Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in soft brown. I got my eyebrow genes from my dad’s side of the family and lets just say he has an over abundance of eyebrows. But no matter how thick your eyebrows might be, there will always be a need for a touch up to really make them pop. Normally, I…

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