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Face Oils Explained

Face oils are another trend in skincare I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. I’ve heard from many women questioning if they are really beneficial for their skin, or if they may just lead to break outs. Well the answer is, both are true. Skin oils can be very nourishing and hydrating to achieve softer, smoother skin, but if not used correctly face oils can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Face oils, unlike creams and moisturizers, are not deeply absorbed…

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My Nighttime Beauty Ritual

I get so many question about good skin care so I thought I’d film my night time beauty ritual and show you guys want I use on a daily basis. This regimen has worked great for me so far but everyone’s skin is different. I recommend you try the products and see what works for you. Must do’s: 1)Remember, the most important part of having good skin is taking off your makeup everyday. You can’t let that stuff just sit…

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