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A little Parisian flair

If I know one thing about fashion, it’s that it means something different for everyone. Style is a way to express your “uniqueness” through the clothes you wear and the accessories that accompany them. I would never say someone has bad style because I don’t believe anyone is an expert on anyone else’s style. That’s what’s so beautiful about it! That being said, I think everyone’s take on punk, boho chic, goth, girly, hipster, tom-boy etc… will all be different because…

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Spring Time Festival Vibes

Last week I went on a road trip to Joshua Tree and was enthralled by the beautiful desert landscape. Naturally, I busted out my camera in an attempt to capture the sparkling landscape before me but being a less than amateur photographer, if you can even call me a photographer at all, the pictures could not do it justice. The location did inspire me however, and reminded me of the Coachella Music Festival coming up so here are my favorite festival outfits that…

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