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Experiencing Venice During Carnival

  The incredible magic of Venice Italy reveals its true splendor in February when thousands flock to the canaled streets to celebrate the Venice Carnival. In the 18th century, Venetians would dress in elaborate apparel, ostentatious dress, and extravagantly decorated masks. The masks were commonly worn by those protecting themselves from something. Whether it was thievery, pursuing a forbidden love, or hiding from someone. Venetians would wear masks to hide their identity, until the wearing of masks was banned in 1608…

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My Magical Stay at the Aman Venice

It’s hard not to feel like you’re floating in a dream when in Venice, Italy. With canals weaving through the ancient buildings, authentic Italian cuisine, and a romantic atmosphere, Venice is surely an unforgettable place to visit. The Aman Venice is a hotel that reflects the magic and distinct elaborate character of the city itself. The Aman Venice is set in a 16th century Palazzo in the Grand Canal.   Incredible Experience The Aman is a hotel full of rich history. Every…

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Where to Eat, Stay and Play in Rome, Italy

Where to Eat Dining in Italy is about enjoying life, the food and the people you are with. Trastevere is the place to go for restaurants in Rome. Because food, and the experience of eating is so important in Italy, its imperative to a memorable trip that you choose wisely the places to dine. Often called “Rome’s favorite neighborhood” and home to the picturesque cobblestone laden streets, Trastevere is not only a quaint and cozy community in Rome, but it…

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When in Rome- Top 5 Places to Visit

Italy’s capital, Rome, is coined the “Eternal City” for its timeless appeal. With family founded and operated restaurants, classical Renaissance art, and some of the most famous pieces of ancient architecture in the world, Rome is like walking through history itself. Rome boasts a deep appreciation and mastery of the arts, food, wine, music, and history. There is truly so much culture to indulge in. Between the pizza, pasta, wine and wandering through the ancient streets, it can be easy to get caught…

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