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New breakfast spot alert!!

  This weekend I had a friend in town and decided to try out a new spot she heard rave reviews about. So we hopped in my car and drove down to Venice Beach and went to Gjusta. Driving down the little street, you can barely distinguish the white building as a restaurant but as soon as you push through the thin, brown screen door, a bustling restaurant lays before you.   The space is quite large and has a…

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I got it from my mama

I definitely got my cooking love from my mom! I grew up with her cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Getting take out or fast food was more of a treat than the norm. Growing up, I was bummed out about that but as an adult I’m grateful. I thought that my parents were being mean and uncool by not letting me get McDonald’s for dinner like the rest of my friends but man was I wrong. As an adult, I…

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Eating healthy while traveling!

Trying to eat healthy while traveling can be a nightmare! Most of us come back from whatever trip (work or pleasure) and feel like we need to go on a diet to get back to where we were before we left. Take the current trip I’m on in Vegas. I’m visiting my parents and as you know, they are Romanian. If you walk in their house, you’re eating at least a six-course meal. If you’ve ever seen My Big Fat…

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