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Should You Quit Dairy?

Dairy is getting increasingly popular as something people are eliminating from their diets. Although lactose intolerance has been a dietary ailment many have experienced, people that can have dairy without feeling their tummy are grumble are still choosing to opt out. With all the buzz around dairy-free products you may be wondering, should you quit dairy, too? Let’s start at the beginning of why our society is milk drinkers in the process. Why someone someday decided it would be a…

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Healthy milk alternatives

I’ve heard arguments from different experts on which type of milk or milk substitute is the best for your body so I thought I’d write a little about my opinion. Some say that soy is bad for your thyroid, your heart, and even causes breast cancer. Many people argue that cow milk is bad for everyone even if you aren’t lactose intolerant. Also if you’re a vegan then cow milk is out for you. They’re all pretty close as far…

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