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Vitamin E Oil Explained

In the world of beauty and skincare today there are so many different supplements, oils, serums, and creams it’s hard to know what to choose. You know I try and keep it real about what products are working best for me, but I also think it’s important to have general knowledge of a product before use because everyone’s skin is so different. Vitamin E is something we are always told is great for our skin, and Vitamin E oil has…

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You Ask, I Answer: Moisturizing Organic Lipsticks

New to the blog: You Ask, I Answer.  I always love hearing from you, and getting all of your questions on social media, especially Instagram. I recently considered that these questions would probably be of interest to a lot of you, so every Monday I will be responding here on the blog to a question from the week! Recently, Kaylee reached out to me asking for recommendations on moisturizing organic lipsticks. As we enter into the colder months having a reliable…

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