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Hats to Enhance Your Look

In the early 20th century, hats were an essential part of most outfits for men and women. Last night at the Grammy awards I was excited to see so many women rocking great hats with their red carpet looks. This inspired me to share some of my favorite hats I use to enhance my own look.   The Wide Brim Hat-  I love using a wide brim hat to create a boho vibe for a day look, or rock a…

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Metallic hues for the win

Do you ever find yourself saying, I have nothing to wear tonight? I think every person goes through this, although the guys might not admit it. I found this funky Cold Stone Fox number on their site and had to have it!! It goes great as separates and together as a cohesive look. I get so excited about outfits that are versatile because I do travel so much and you can really only pack so much. The sunnies are the…

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Strolling through Venice

Venice has become my favorite part of town in LA. If you’ve ever lived here or even visited for more than a day, you’ve probably noticed LA is comprised of tiny little “people bubbles” that are all very different. You have the Downtown crowd, the West Hollywood/Hollywood area where most movie-type events take place, the valley, Malibu, the beach areas like Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica which also happens to be the tech hub in LA and then there’s…

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#ootd: My Birthday Look

I recently got together with friends to celebrate my birthday. I decided to go to the rooftop at the Erwin Hotel in Venice because it has one of the best sunsets in town. Unfortunately, it is June gloom in LA and the sunset wasn’t much of a site but having some of my closest friends there made up for it! I decided to wear a long, white dress by Jetset Diaries  and my new leather jacket by Bardot. I love pairing…

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Camo Love

Last night I decided to get out the house. I often get into phases where I tend to hide away from the world and not leave my place for anything other than work. But the cabin fever sets in and last night I had to escape! I called my girlfriend and made plans to grab sushi and catch up at a place in West Hollywood. I was going to wear m usual attire of sweat pants and a leather jacket…

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