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24 hours in Paris

After a long night of dinner, bar, club plans on Saturday night in Frankfurt, Sam and I retreated back to our hotel room to sleep before our train to Paris in the morning. Technically, it was already three in the morning so we would have to wake up in a few hours to head to the train station. We were also supposed to meet a couple friends at the train that wanted to join us on our little adventure to…

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A little Parisian flair

If I know one thing about fashion, it’s that it means something different for everyone. Style is a way to express your “uniqueness” through the clothes you wear and the accessories that accompany them. I would never say someone has bad style because I don’t believe anyone is an expert on anyone else’s style. That’s what’s so beautiful about it! That being said, I think everyone’s take on punk, boho chic, goth, girly, hipster, tom-boy etc… will all be different because…

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