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I tried a revolutionary liquid eyeshadow… here are my thoughts

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to check out Kosas’ new product launch: the 10 Second Eyeshadow. A revolutionary eyeshadow that’s, waterbased, comes in 8 shades with a doe food applicated (but I prefer using my finger) to create a washed watercolor effect that’s buildable for any occasion. This product is in a new category for Kosas, a brand started by Sheena Yaitanes, who created the line as a clean-beauty, eco initiative for makeup that would be inclusive,…

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Cute/Casual Lady in Red Look

I was once told by an older Korean lady that red was a color of bad luck for me and that I should wear more white and green. Maybe thats the case but the warning came a little too late. My wardrobe is full of red and luckily greens, whites, browns and of course purple. I even have some pink in there because I’m trying to expand my horizons. Today I have a shoot so I had to get all…

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Weekly beauty shopping bag

I am on a constant journey to find new beauty products I like. Partly out of curiosity and because I get bored with what I have. There is so much variety out there! I constantly find myself browsing at Sepuora for new samples. So I figured I’d share my shopping bag at Sephora this week. I didn’t go into the store because it’s easier to keep track of the samples they offer online. I’m really excited for the Bobbi Brown…

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