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How to Plan a Weekend Trip and Get the Most Out of It

 There are approximately 104 weekend days each year. That’s 104 opportunities to have an awesome adventure. So often, the weekends slip into the week because we finally have the chance to go out with friends on Fridays, sleep in on Saturdays and brunch our little hearts out on Sundays. Weekends often become forgotten as the perfect chance to get away. But those 2-3 days (depending on your work or school schedule) sneaking into your calendar and slipping away into playing…

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My first trip to Seoul, Korea

After leaving Bangkok, I didn’t think I could encounter a bigger city but landing in Seoul I could see I was in for a shock. Seoul is such a dense city, with thousands of people on the street around you at all times. SO MANY PEOPLES! I couldn’t believe it. My flight from Bangkok to Seoul was very tiring as I was in an aisle seat and ever since I can remember I’ve never been able to fall asleep for…

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