Farm Fresh Eggs vs. Store Bought

These days, “organic” and “natural” can mean so many things, but one thing is clear: people are shifting to these labels more quickly than ever before. With so much hype around what is healthy and what isn’t, it’s time we take a look at one of the most common breakfast foods in the US, and the world: eggs.

  1. Nutritional Profile

Eggs are high in protein, Omega 3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D, but the old saying goes “it’s not what you eat, it’s what you eat eats”. Simply put, the nutritional profile of an egg is going to depend on the health of the chicken that it comes from. Most eggs that are farmed come from chickens that are fed grains to fatten them up, do not get much sunlight, and are crammed into tiny crowded spaces. Despite the clear facts of this being cruel to the chickens, it also effects the nutritional value of the eggs negatively. Whereas on farms, farmers can feed their chickens meat, bugs, foliage and a variety of other foods giving them more nutrition and making for healthier and more cared for chickens.


2. Flavor

There have been many blind taste tests claiming that there are no distinct differences between farm fresh and store bought eggs, but many farmers and those who have tried eggs that have gone straight from the coop to the pan would argue strongly otherwise. The reviews for farm fresh eggs will say that they are “tastier”, more full of flavor and even saltier.


3. Appearance

The look of farm fresh eggs is also different from store bought eggs. Farm fresh usually come in different colors, some are larger than others, some have spots, some are even blue, brown, white or different hues. The yolk, as well, is more vibrantly yellow in farm fresh eggs, indicating their diet.


4.Β Food Safety and Shelf life

A main argument for choosing farm fresh over store bought eggs is the safety of the food. Store bought eggs are refrigerated in order to keep fresh, and farm fresh eggs do not require to be. The other scare with store bought eggs is salmonella posing, which is fare more rare in farm fresh eggs.


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