10 Beauty Uses of Baking Soda


  Baking Soda has many uses in our everyday lives and is notorious for being a reliable tool for many home remedies and as a traditional freshening and cleaning agent. This little $1 box has many more uses than are commonly known and can be a great beauty hack in many ways. Here are 10 beauty uses of baking soda I recommend you try… it actually works!


I use the Arm & Hammer brand, retails for a whopping $1. There are many other baking soda brands on the market, but with this classic and trusted brand you can’t go wrong. img_7324y

I place my baking soda in a jar in my kitchen and bathroom and label it. Baking Soda needs to maintain it’s freshness to stay effective, so I transfer mine to an airtight container such as a mini mason jar to keep it sealed. Plus, it’s cuter than the bright yellow box.

  1. Whiten Teeth

Baking Soda has become a household name for being a reliable and safe cleaning agent, but did you know you could also use it to clean your teeth? There are many other teeth whitening products on the market today. Many chemical-infused, gooey mixtures, and uncomfortable and damaging trays or mouthpieces. Professional treatments can cost a couple of hundred dollars to have done! Save your time, money and protect the health of your body by avoiding the popularly marketed teeth whiteners on the market. Reach instead for the good ol’ fashioned Baking Soda, mix with water and even lemon juice for an extra kick, and brush as normal (Don’t swallow!). Repeat this as needed, or on a weekly basis in addition to your routine tooth brushing, and you will have even brighter pearly whites in no time!


2. Hair Shampoo

Many shampoos are littered with chemicals, and waste products as fillers. Using a natural base and sulfate free shampoo is always safer for your hair. Still, traditional shampoo products strip your hair of it’s natural oils during the cleaning process. Using baking soda as an alternative allows you hair to be clean, balancing your pH scales and neutralizing acidity which encourages your scalp to produce the right amount of oil needed. Try replacing your shampoo with baking soda mixture in your shower as a healthy alternative, your locks will thank you!

3. Facial Scrub

It’s crucial to exfoliate on a regular basis to strip away dead skin cells, dirt, and germs on the surface, and to keep your face fresh. Artificial microbeads are often used in facial scrubs; baking soda has a similar texture naturally occurring that enables for the same exfoliating effect of alternative facial scrubs on the market. Using a facial scrub with baking soda allows for that clean feeling you get when you exfoliate, such as right after a facial treatment. Bonus: using baking soda as a facial scrub is also a more environmentally friendly option because microbeads have been proven to slip their way into streams and oceans and are harmful to fish and wildlife. Opt for a more natural and environmentally responsible alternative to baking soda, and mix three parts baking soda with one part water, gently rub and rinse with warm water.

4. Body Exfoliator

To have and maintain healthy and glowing skin, it’s extremely important to exfoliate regular, face and body. To give your skin a fresh rejuvenation, mix baking soda with water, or even into your traditional body wash and rub over the surface of your skin. It will give you an added glow and increase circulation to your skin.


5. Deodorant

The pores on your underarms are extremely important and strategic in your body for detoxification purposes. Releasing sweat, although not so glamourous, is extremely important to allow toxins to be released from your body. Many deodorants are antiperspirant, which hinders your underarms from sweating. Baking soda neutralizes acids and bases, removing odors, allowing you to avoid the unflattering odor of underarms, but still healthily allow your body to detoxify.

6. Razor Burn Soother

For hair removal, I recommend and use laser treatments, or even waxing over shaving. Yet still, when there remains a need for shaving, be prepared knowing that baking soda is an effective remedy for soothing bumps and unsightly redness. Bikini lines especially get razor bumps, when this happens, apply baking soda with water and even a touch of oil for added benefits. After applying the baking soda and water mixture, allow it to dry on your skin and then rinse off. You can also use baking soda as a pre-shave exfoliator to help avoid the razor bumps in the first place.

7. Nail Scrub

With all the daily tasks done with our hands, it’s silly to think we do not pay more attention to the cleanliness of our hands and nails. Keeping nails and fingers clean helps to ensure germs don’t spread, and your nails stay smooth. Use a baking soda mixed with water as a scrub to exfoliate and smooth your nails and cuticles for a less expensive homemade manicure. Simply dip a nail brush into the baking soda and water mixture, rub in a circular motion over your nails, and fingers, and rinse. This is a great practice for nail health which is often overlooked in many beauty routines.

8. Footbath

Use the same mixture and process of the nail scrub on your toes and feet. You can add the baking soda and water solution (3 to 1 ratio) to warm water and soak your feet for a pedicure and extra cleanliness. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes, and even consider adding Epson salt for additional detoxification. Wrap in a warm towel, apply lotion, and you’ve got yourself a natural and less expensive homemade pedicure.


10. Brightening Skin Mask

Mixing baking soda with water alone makes for a great facial scrub. To take it one step further, as a natural facial and for a brightening treatment, add olive oil and lemon to the baking soda and water mixture, apply to face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The lemon has a clarifying and brightening effect, and the olive oil is an excellent source of natural moisture.


9. Dry Shampoo

Whether you’ve slept in too late, are out camping, or simply don’t feel like washing your hair some days, reach for the baking soda and apply to your scalp to neutralize the oils that accumulate on the scalp, and as a quick alternative to freshen your hair and scalp. Many dry shampoos on the market are damaging to your hair and largely overpriced. Opt instead for baking soda to do the trick.


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