10 Must Have Desserts in LA

Whether you’re a long time LA resident, new to the city or just cruising in for a visit to the golden state, surely a sweet treat has got to be on your agenda, so why not go to one of LA’s delicious dessert restaurants. If you’re going to indulge, do it right with a classic ice cream, or a unique spin on a classic dessert like a macaron ice cream sandwich. Whatever you’re craving, LA’s got something for you. Check out these 10 desserts not to miss when in LA.

  1. Au Fudge

Everything from classic birthday cake flavors, to an assorted cookie plate, s’more dip and something irresistible called a “fudge flight”, Au Fudge has got your sweet tooth covered, whatever you’re craving.

Where to go: 9010 Melrose Ave

2. The Milk Shop 

Mil’s Chocolate Chip cookies are the talk of the town, and that probably won’t be changing anytime soon. If you are looking for the perfect cookie, milk’s got it. If you’re feelin like livin on  the edge a little bit, Milk also has macaron ice cream sandwiches, cause why choose between ice cream and a cookie when you can have both?

Where to go: 7290 Beverly Boulevard

3. Salt & Straw

Summertime is coming, and ice cream is on the menu. But let’s be honest, we’re in California and ice cream is always acceptable. Indulge, seriously at Salt & Straw. Creamy, sweet, home made and complete with unique and delectable flavors, Salt & Straw is the place for you if you’re an ice cream junkie. Aren’t we all?

Where to go: 1357 Abbott Kinney Blvd.


Irresistible, delicious, classy, and such a cute treat. Going to Ladurée in France, Miami and New York, and in LA, you’ll get the same thing: a colorful sweet treat that’s easy on the eyes, a classic French-inspired atmosphere and of course, satisfaction. Their menu will leave you with everything you want for a with classic macarons, coffee, and cakes.

Where to go: 189 The Grove Dr


5. Pies At The Pie Hole

Pie’s are such a classic dessert, but for some reason, it seems they only grace our plates around holidays and visits to grandma’s house. I think its time we change that.  Can we all just agree that one slice of pie is never quite enough, but eating a whole darn pie would just be crazy pants? Well, the Pie Hole seems to agree. You can get personal sized ones. Not only that, but their flavors are so unique, They have everything from classic apple to maple custard… yum! The Pie Hole is a game changer for pie lovers.Where to go:714 Traction Avenue

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