5 Simple to Grow Herbs at Home

Any good chef knows that herbs are a key to defining a dish. Not only are herbs ornamental but they are delicious and so useful if you are looking to improve your cooking skills. Herbs each have their own distinct flavor and scent, and can completely transform any dish. Here are 5 simple to grow herbs at home, so you can turn your kitchen into a lively, great smelling and delicious place to cook and enjoy food.

1. Basil

If you’re into homemade pizzas… Basil is the plant for you. Basil is a fresh and distinct flavor and scent, is easy to grow and completes any fresh Italian pizza or pasta dish.

2. Thyme

Another fresh herb popular in Italian kitchens, thyme has an aromatic flavor and pairs great with hot peppers, eggplants, and various soups and stews.

3. Cilantro

Cilantro’s bright and refreshing flavor is added to many Mexican, spicy and meat dishes. Top to tacos, omelets in the morning and even use to make a delicious pesto.

4. Mint

If you fancy yourself more than just a home cook, but a bartender as well, use fresh mint leaves to make your own mojitos, baking treats, or to Tabbouleh salad.

5. Oregano

No marinara suace is complete without oregano. Add fresh oregano to grilled chicken, soups and potatoes. This herb is mild enough to complement most dishes and adds a distinct flavor to any savory dish you prepare.

At home, all of these herbs can be in the same container or separate. The key to most herbs is lots of sun, and lots of drainage. Wherever you are in the world, growing these herbs can be possible by placing them in a window with direct sunlight and watering them every 2-3 days. Let the top inch get dry before you water them again, avoid letting the soil become over saturated.



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