My 29th Birthday at Live Aqua Beach Resort in Cancun

My 29th birthday was one to remember, and celebrating it at Live Aqua Beach Resort in Cancun made it even more special. Live Aqua Beach Resort is an all inclusive beachfront resort in Cancum, Mexico that features stunning beauty, friendly staff, a wide array of amenities activities and restaurants to enjoy, all in a picture-perfect setting.
The resort offers many restaurants to choose from, my favorite was the Italian place for their pear salad and pizza and MD which great for fine dining at dinner. The chef cooked for us and surprised us with special dishes. All the staff there was incredible, and so kind. They provided everything we asked for including a soccer ball for Bryan to practice with. The staff was so attentive and the spa was magical; twice we had a Cabana on the beach where we were given foot massages. We had the fusion 80 min massage and I had the hydro facial which was so relaxing and refreshing. The only down side is that the gym closes at 9pm and I like to work out late, but the gym they had was very nice.
The entire resort was beyond gorgeous, with the picture-perfect beaches, pristine amenities and a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. We had the presidential suite, which was one of two in the hotel. It had a guest room and a master, an oversized deck with a hot tub and pool, and of course, the most beautiful view of the ocean. The resort has “the aqua club” on the 5th floor that offers small bites, drinks and fun games set up all across the outside property to enjoy including Gjenga, ping pong, pool, and volleyball.
As if the resort was not amazing enough for all guests, they made mine extra special for my birthday. The staff went all out, and completely caught me off guard. A huge group of them sang me “happy birthday” in costume, and surprised me with a cake. I came back to find they had decorated from the entry way all the way to my room with happy birthday balloons and cat paw prints made from colored rice leading the way! When I walked into my suite, the bathtubs in the master bedroom were filled into a bubble bath full of balloons, every kind of alcohol on our table for us to enjoy, and even a message made out of colored rice on our bed saying “we wish you a purrfect birthday”. It was incredible, and so memorable.
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