4 Great Hikes in Los Angeles

‘Tis the season for outdoor workouts, getting under the sun, out in nature and in shape! There are so many benefits to working out daily, and working out outside. These beautiful hikes are perfect for an intense cardio workout, or a breezy slightly challenging walk with friends. Whether you are visiting Southern California or are lucky enough to call this place home, here are 5 top hikes you don’t want to miss. These trails are a full of beautiful nature, long lengthy paths so you can make a day of it, and a beautiful view to top it all off.

1. Corral Canyon, Malibu

The Sara Wan Trailhead ar Corral Canyon in Malibu is the hike for you if you are searching for an Ocean view hike. This state nature preserve in Malibu features some of the best hiking in the county. Home to ocean-lined trails, natural foliage, and beautiful beach-lined cliffs, Torrey Pines makes for a refreshing hike with an ocean breeze and a picture perfect moment to at the end.

2. Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles

Runyon Canyon is where to go if you’re really looking for a sweat. With inspiring views of hot LA homes and some steep cutback trails, this is where to go if you are looking for a killer workout. Located in the Hollywood Hills, features a packed dirt home to hikers, runners, and yogis. Fuller Avenue, North Vista Street are both starting points for the trail to get you started.

3. Escondido Falls, Malibu

One of the biggest waterfalls in Southern California makes it’s home in Malibu. This 150-foot waterfall is the refreshing end to a hot day hiking. A private road in the Malibu Hills named Winding Way East will start you on your journey and lead you past some beautiful homes along crisscross streams, to lower falls (50 feet tall), and continue on until you reach the main falls. Aside from some rock hopping this hike is fairly easy but definitely worth checking out.

4. Griffith Park: The Hollywood Sign

If you are visiting LA, the Hollywood sign is definitely going to be on your bucket list of things to see. But instead of taking a photo from afar, why not get up close and personal? Hiking to the Hollywood sign is a fairly easy an accessible hike that will give you sweeping views of Hollywood and below. Also known as the Charlie Turner Trail to Mt. Hollywood, this hike gives a birds-eye view of L.A. giving you a perspective of everything from the Verdugo Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.


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