4 Simple Workout Moves to Get Your Whole Body in Shape

In our busy day to day schedules, it can be challenging to hit the gym, to get in shape and especially to stay in shape. The key to maintaining a healthy weight and fitness levels is consistency, and the key to consistency often times is convenience. Efficiency is key to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These are some of my favorite workouts because they are simple, effective, and you can do them all in the comfort of your home.

  1. Plank

Ah, the classic plank. You’ve definitely seen this one before, and for good reason. This position should be in everyone’s home workout routine. This move is simple to do, and effective. You literally don’t need anything but your body to perform this move, so no excuses here. Simply rest on your floor or mat with your elbows down and your legs straight behind you. This simple move works your core strength, glutes, legs, and arms, as long as you are tightening your muscles. Maintain a flat back, and be careful not to arch.


2. Lunges

For your sexy leg workout, don’t think you have to hit the machines at the gym. Simply alternate left and right legs, lowering down with your knee almost touching the mat. There are many variations to this workout, the key is to not stop until you feel the burn, the continual resistance is where the strength and toning of your muscles will begin.


3. Arm Raises

Lie on your back, on your mat with your feet lifted into a chair in a table top position. This position is versatile for so many different workouts. Lift and lower your glutes for a butt burner, lift and lower your upper body to meet your knees for a killer core workout, or lift and lower your arms with dumbbells for an arm and chest workout.


4. Side Arm Raises

Personally, I think the muffin top is the best part of a yummy pastry muffin… muffin tops on my bod, not so much. That side waist can be a tricky spot to burn off excess weight, so it’s very important to target your obliques in order to slim your side waist. Start facing down on your mat in plank position, lower to your side elbows, and lift the opposite arm twisting up with a dumbbell. This workout is efficient because it works your core (plank), your obliques (twisting motion) and your arms (arm raise with dumbbell). The entire movement together also helps your balance and light cardio.


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