4 Tips for Getting in Shape for Swim Suit Season

They say that Summer bodies are made in the Winter… but what if it’s already Spring and you’re still not in your ideal summer bod!? Don’t fret. If you’re on the West Coast or somewhere where bikini season is approaching faster than you can say “abs” then it can be a little daunting to slip into a bikini just yet. There’s still some time to get yourself in shape for swimsuit season, to boost your confidence and help you reach your goals. Here are a few effective, easy and enjoyable tips for to getting into shape for swimsuit season.


  1. Get your kitchen in shape

First things first is to get your kitchen in shape. If your kitchen and diet is filled with bad for you food, then toss it out and replace it with the good stuff. It truly does not matter how much you workout, if your diet is not healthy, then you won’t be able to achieve results anytime soon. Start out with a cleanse, then move into a vegetarian based diet. Start your day with a healthy high protein berry smoothie, grab a delicious salad for lunch, and then get some protein, veggies, and hearty grains for dinner. For snacking, reach for some fresh fruit or a tea instead of a sugary latte or carby snack.

2. Get into a routine

Leaving your workouts up to chance can no longer be a part of the plan if you want to seriously get in good shape. Make a date with your planner, sit down and write down your workout routine a week, 2 weeks or even a month in advance. Get your body used to waking up early, going to bed on time, and allow yourself for an early gym or yoga session before work. Try doing two a days, yoga in the AM and weightlifting at night, for example. Whatever your method of exercise is is up to you, just make sure you are consistent.

3. Step it up a notch

If you’ve been waiting and waiting to start working out, it’s time to start. If you’ve been working for months, but still haven’t seen the results you desire, then it may be time to step it up a notch. Whether it be adding another workout day per week, giving up light night snacking, or intensifying your workouts, don’t let yourself plateau. Instead, keep finding new ways to get closer to your goals by challenging yourself.

4. Enjoy the journey

Stressing out about fitting perfectly into a bikini is understandable. Beach days, river trips, Instagram photos, they all seem to be much more enjoyable when we are confident in our own skin. But don’t get so caught up in trying to look “perfect” that you miss out on all the fun. Enjoy working out, caring for your body, and working towards a goal wherever it may lead.

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