5 Best Drugstore Makeup Brands on the Market

The main difference between drugstore makeup and higher end brands is mainly the quality of ingredients. However, the power of branding audience that brand wants to attract also play a big role. More often than not, you can get just as good of results and achieve the look you want without spending a fortune. In no particular order, here are a few of the best drugstore makeup brands on the market.


Created by Petra Strand nearly a decade ago, Pixi has made its debut more recently in convenience stores garnering a lot of hype. Petra has over 20 years of experience as a makeup artist & product developer, and her expertise really stands out in her line of skincare and makeup products. Their skint tint, bronzer, and line of skincare work like a dream. Their glow tonic is a must try and is at convenience stores near you.


NYX creates a bold line with full coverage foundations, vivid lipstick shades, bright eyeshadow color palettes. Used often for stage makeup and those who like their makeup to really pop, NYX is a great line to go to for their colorful and long-lasting lipgloss, thick concealer for stubborn blemishes and a stand-out eyeshadow look.


Best known for its skincare, Neutrogena is a great brand for cleansers, toners and face masks. Their new natural line features a great pump-top cleanser and effective facial scrub.


Rimmel is a go-to for bold lipsticks and a reliable foundation. Their kate moss line of lipstick is long wearing and features perfect shades. Their Stay matte powder foundation is a great product to creating a flawless makeup look.


Maybelline has a mascara product for virtually every eyelash preference. Their colossal is great for getting that cold eye look, and their 24 hour super stay foundation really works for those times you don’t want to deal with touch-ups.





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