5 Best Face Masks for a Flawless Complexion

Daily cleansing, moisturizing and a healthy diet all play an important role in having clear, beautiful skin. Yet, sometimes your face deserves a little more TLC to look its best. Doing a face mask every week is a great way to brighten your complexion, clear blemishes, heal dark spots and scarring, and prevent future breakouts. When it’s time for face mask day, grab yourself your favorite snack, put on a show and in one of these 5 best skin masks.

1. Tata Harper Purifying Mask

For oily and combination skin that is in need of deep purification, Tata Harper’s Purifying mask is great to restore your complexion to perfection. Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, gluten and no animal testing this product is pure inside and out. Using natural and organic herbs grown on their family farm, this mask is great for solving clogged pores, acne and blemishes, and oiliness

2. Ahava 

The Dead Sea in Jerusalem is known for miraculous healing accounts. Ahava has taken ingredients from the sea and made it into this healing and cleansing face mask. Apply this mask for those days when you feel your skin is in need of a deep clean and restoration.

2. Glam Glow Activated Charcoal Mask

Glam Glow is popular for its activated charcoal, attracting all of the dirt in your pores to clear blackheads and cystic acne. This mask applies as a thick mud, will dry on your face and leave it crackly- but don’t worry, that mean’s it is working! The Charcoal draws out all of the imperfections in your skin, leaving your skin bright, soft and good as new.

3. Fresh Rose Face Mask

If your skin is in need of deep hydration from the dry winter air or the heat of the day, then apply Fresh’s rose face mask. Great for solving issues of redness, dryness, flakiness and safe for all skin types. Infused with rose petals, oils, and moisturizing butter, this face mask is like a tall glass of water for your skin… a must have in the dry seasons!

4. Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Mask

Wrinkles and age spots are inevitable… or are they? Dr. Brant provides a solution to preventing and reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles with his Magnetight Age-Defier Mask. Formulated to refine, purify, and revitalize the look of skin and reducing the appearance of aged skin, this mask is a must for all of us who want to keep beautiful skin through the years.

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