5 Dates to do with your Honey to Mix things Up

Relationships can be really tough, and relationships can be really fun. Whether you have been with that special someone for a long time and are looking to mix things up, or are just getting to know someone and don’t quite know what to do, there are many ways to spark the romance and really enjoy one another in ways that break up the routine and traditional route. Here are 5 dates to do with your honey to mix things up.


1. Camp instead of staying at a hotel

Is it time for you and your honey to take a romantic getaway? All couples need a break from the routine now and again. Keep things romantic by planning a weekend trip camping, instead of the traditional hotel. Take your significant other out on an adventure and see one another in a new way. It’s incredible how enjoying beautiful nature together, and embracing the challenge of camping and hiking outdoors can teach you a new appreciation for one another, and give you fresh eyes for the other person, and bring you two so much closer. Among all the other things he/she is, whoever you’re dating should be your adventure buddy. Someone you can camp, hike, wander and explore the world with.

2. Find a local Speakeasy instead of the regular bar

Friday night is here again, and you finally get to see that special someone. If you two have had a long and stressful week, you might want to take the edge off by going out to a bar with friends or going to the local spots you’ve been to a thousand times. If so, it’s time to mix it up. During the Prohibition period, Speakeasy’s popped up all over the country as an underground place where people could go and drink with their friends and not get caught. Today, the tradition has continued and Speakeasys exist in virtually every city. Do a little poking around online, and ask a few friends if they know of one around you. It is such a fun experience to walk up to the “secret spot”, give your code, and can add life to the mundane bar scene. Plus, speakeasy’s usually have a much classier atmosphere and more delicious craft cocktails than you can find elsewhere.

3. Go to a play instead of a movie

It’s easy to get hyped about the next movie out with previews being advertised everywhere. And going to the movies is a pretty classic date idea. Don’t do the typical thing and take your special date to a boring ol’ movie theater. Take him/her to a play, where you two can dress up, enjoy a live show, and experience the creativity and entertainment of a live play. It may sound old and boring to some, but some of the funniest and most inspiring stories are meant to be seen on a stage. Before you go, check out what the play is all about to see if it will interest you, just as you would a movie. Also be sure to read the reviews to catch the best one.

4. Take a cooking class instead of going to a restaurant

Let’s just avoid the entire conversation about asking one another what they want to eat. Going to a restaurant can not only be a hard thing to decide on (for some crazy reason), but it can be a bit stale after a while to just sit and chat. Ofcourse, indulging in delicious chef-prepared cuisine and being waited on is a treat, but the air can get a little stale after going out to eat all the time. Instead, find a local cooking class. It’s much more interactive, you get to learn a new skill, and enjoy a topic of conversation with the other person. Plus, you get to eat the food at the end. Win-win.

5. Play a board or card game instead of “Netflix and chill”

Couples love their cuddle time, and it can be tempted to spend your evenings in front of the boob-tube. Sure there’s a place for this, but if you want to mix things up, play a new card or board game together. Play something that tests the other persons wits or trivia, and have fun being competitive. It’s much more interactive than watching a show and you just might find a new tradition you love.

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