5 Discount Travel Sites You Should Know

Like many people, travel is one of my favorite things in the world. Exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new things is all a part of the adventure. The downside, though, is that traveling is not an interest that always agrees with my bank account. Traveling can make a huge financial dent, and although it will probably end up being “worth it” anyway, there is no harm in saving yourself some extra grip by booking through a website that can save you money, time searching for deals, and give you peace of mind… and give you some extra spending cash for when you get to where you are going. The difference between knowing of a great travel deal or not can be the difference between having the experience of a lifetime, or a place on your bucket list without a check next to it. Check out these 5 discount travel sites to help you find the best deals for your next adventure.

1. Airfare Watchdog

Another discount travel site, Airfare Watchdog is a go-to site for me when I’m booking any flight. Even if I’m not planning a trip, I’ll check out the site to see what specials are running. It lets you know of the best deals, cheap flights and useful money-saving tips and tricks while traveling. AWD lets you set alerts, so if you’re a planner you can be notified when a flight changes in price. If you are not a planner and opt in for a more spontaneous getaway, AWD is a great site to know about last minute discount seats.

2. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flight’s is an email subscription service that notifies you of international airfare deals. Scott’s searches for flights, finds deals from airlines (mistake fares, travel specials, discount flights, etc.), and then proceeds to email them to whoever is on the list. The email provides instructions for booking, doing all the leg work and leaving you with a sweet deal. I’ve seen flights from Scott’s anywhere between 20-70% off normal price, and subscribers save an average of $600 per flight… worth a shot. If you’re thinking about going overseas anytime soon, I recommend signing up for Scott’s. There is no harm in the free trial and will get you weekly email notifications (not the annoying kind), and if you sign p for a paid subscription, you will get even more. Thanks, Scott, you’re a travel her

3. Just Fly

Just Fly offers great deals for tickets and hotel deals. Their search engine provides a user-friendly way to search for single or multi-destination flights and hotels for each of the places. When traveling, it’s always helpful and more organized to get everything booked under one domain. Just Fly offers deals on domestic, international and exotic destinations and has been consistently a site I find deals on when no other site offered much. Just Fly enables you to have peace of mind that you booked the best airfare and reduces the stress of searching and booking flights and hotels.

4. Momondo

Momondo provides airfare, hotel and care rental services all under one roof. When comparing flights, I often find deals on Momondo that I am unable to find on other search engines. Their friendly interface allows you to easily compare flights and I love this site for booking discount flights in Europe, which is it’s specialty. Their website compares over 700 websites, giving you peace of mind you’re getting the best deal in the marketplace.

5. Fare Compare

When booking trips, I am always curious about what the fares were prior, and what they are predicted to be in the future. It is also important to know not only where to go, but when to go and when to book. Fare Compare looks at 500 different airlines and lets you know what fares once were and even predicts what they are expected to be. This site is also great for those who have the travel bug and know their budget but don’t quite know where to go. With their interactive map feature, you can see what destinations are available within the confines of your desired budget.

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