5 Easy ways to go green this earth day

We all adore our beautiful earth, and today is the national earth day to celebrate it. Yet even though we adore our Earth, do we truly love and care for it? If we do love our home here on planet earth and want to preserve it, we all to play a part. Like it or not, your daily actions effect this earth in some way: good or bad. There are many things in life that may seem like we just can’t effect change, but this isn’t one of them. Going green on a small scale makes a difference, going green on a big scale makes a huge difference. Imagine if we all got involved! Here are 5 easy ways to go green this earth day, to celebrate and truly love your planet, and to enhance your daily life along the way.

  1. Use a reusable cup/mug

Are you a daily coffee shop visitor? If you visit the local cafe every morning on your way to work, and maybe again after, try using your own mug to save on waste. A cup, lid, and sleeve go right in the trash after only an hour of use. Try instead to use your own, cute personal mug. Most coffee shops are happy to pour your favorite latte in that instead. Skip the bottled water when you are thirsty. Use your own reusable plastic cup or insulated flask to refill. It can help you save money and save plastic water bottles from waste.

2. Save energy

Open a window, or turn on a fan instead of cranking up the AC. If your house is hot and you need to cool off, visit a movie theatre, get your errands done in a cold shopping center or go for a swim in the pool or ocean or whatever body of water is nearby. This can help you get out of the house, save costs on your electricity bill and save on energy.

3. Recycle at home

There are so many items we throw away on a daily basis that can be put in the recycling instead. Cardboard, plastic containers, plastic bottles, glass bottles. There is a list of items that can or cannot be recycled here: check it out and see how you can contribute to reducing waste.

4. Rethink travel

You’ve heard this one before, but if you haven’t tried it, this is your year! Carpooling to work, riding a bike into town, for work, or to meet a friend, or even riding your bike for exercise instead of driving to the gym is a great workout, loads of fun, and helps reduce emissions waste. If you can take public transportation, this is another way to reduce your own costs of travel and help reduce the global emissions footprint.

5. Help your community

Plant a tree, pick up trash, carpool to work, there are so many ways to get involved without even having to leave your town. Buying local food is another way to go green in your community. Not only does it help to support local business and local farmers, but it reduces travel time for that food and products to get to you. Each time you take a bite, your food if not local had to travel in trucks or barges long distances to get to you. Food, product and every retail item has a thumbprint you support when you make a purchase.


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