5 facts to know about hair extensions

If this is your first time looking into hair extensions or you are a hair extension veteran, it’s always best to be well informed. That’s why I have put together the 5 facts I think everyone should know about hair extensions.

  1. What type of hair extensions are there? You will come across real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. I highly recommend real human hair extensions because they will last longer and look more natural in your hair. Synthetic hair gets damaged by heat from styling easily and will simply not look great. The only time I would recommend synthetic hair is if it’s for Halloween or a one-time event. Just remember, you get what you pay for.
  2. What is Remy Hair? It is the finest type of human hair that you can buy. The cuticles are left intact and the hair is perfectly aligned. That’s why I love my Luxy Hair extensions! They are high-quality Remy Hair extensions that are a good value for the quantity of hair and last a long time for constant uses.
  3. Should you cut your extensions? YES! I always think extensions come a bit too long. I like to take them with me to the hair stylist and have them put them in my hair and cut them along with my hair for the most natural and blended look. I actually just had my girl Lisa at the Hair Lounge in Vegas do this to my Seamless Luxy Hair Extensions and I wear them so much more because they feel so natural.
  4. Clip-ins vs Permanent, which is better? My personal preference is clip-ins because you have more versatility with your hair. Maybe you have short hair and want long hair sometimes. Maybe you have long hair and just want extra volume. Maybe yo just want the length of a certain hairstyle you are trying out. All reasons to get clip ins. Personally, I think permanent hair extensions, if not done properly, can damage your hair! But if you want the permanent length and volume then the permanent hair extensions are the way to go. Just make sure you find a very good stylist that is known for their extension work and go to regularly have them maintained or else it can break your hair, cause local baldness, and even make your scalp bleed.
  5. What about cost? Yes, its true hair extensions can get expensive. The location of where the hair is sources has an effect on price, if its real or synthetic, the store or salon you buy it at, the person’s skill level that puts them in ( if permanent) and the type of extensions all have a part in what price point you will buy them at. So weigh your options, know what your purpose is for getting them and make the best decision for yourself 🙂

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