5 Fashion Tips for Packing & Traveling

 Whenever traveling, it is best to do your due diligence and to plan as much as possible. The weather, the events you will attend, the places you will go, the culture you are visiting, the types of style you want to represent in your photos are all just a few factors for how to pack. The truth is, no matter how hard you try to plan ahead, things may go completely different than planned. This is the beauty and excitement of traveling, but not being prepared for unexpected changes can add some stress and take away from the joy of the adventure. It is important to be prepared for whatever may come. The weather may change, your plans may shift, the culture and dress of a place may be not what you expected at all. Based on my travels, I have found some tried and true tips for making sure that I’m prepared for whatever may come. Check out my top 5 tips, and prepare for a fashionable getaway!

  1. Pack Layers

Whenever traveling to a new place, you can use weather apps, time of year, and recommendations from others to help you determine what level of comfort you will need for weather. However, the weather may change and you do not want to be ill-prepared for an unexpected day of rain, cold or extreme heat. The best way I have found to combat this is to pack layers. Not only are layers a fashionable way to spice up any outfit, but the different options keep your traveling wardrobe versatile, and also ensure that you won’t be bothered when the weather decides to make a shift.


  1. Choose Shoes That are Easy to Dress Up or Down

Tall boots were a perfect choice for my trip to Frankfurt because they paired perfectly with a romper and jacket for a nicer look, or are easy to keep casual for a laid back look. Either way, they are comfortable, stylish and versatile, and make any basic outfit stunning. Shoes often weigh more than clothes and take up more space in your luggage, so shoes that fold down and can be worn for many occasions are a must.

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  1. Bring A Go-To Jacket

In my recent trip to Germany, I knew that I would need to stay warm, but didn’t want to compromise my style. This black leather jacket was the prime choice for many different outfits. It turned out great in photos, kept me cozy, and was an easy piece to layer for the colder days or to change the outfit up a bit. Whether you’re going out for a night  on the town, or spending the day touring the city,be sure you have a staple jacket that will work for any combination of outfits.

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  1. Don’t Forget the Details, Accessorize!

It’s so easy when packing all of the essentials and staple pieces to forget the little things. The truth is, a good set of accessories can spice up your outfit, look great in photos, and add a touch of your own personal style. I like to bring a separate bag of versatile necklaces, bracelets, and even a good watch or sunglasses. The little things can make all the difference.


  1. Bring Comfortable Clothes

Looking nice is important when you are going to be going to nice dinners, meeting new people, and taking pictures you will cherish for years to come. It is important to look and feel your best when traveling. However, it is important to remember to pack good walking shoes, a comfy hoodie, and some go-to blue jeans or leggings for those days you want to be casual and comfortable.

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